• Your Path to Emotional Regulation

    Finding Your Path to Emotional Regulation:

    Surfing the Waves with Self-Compassion, Emotional Intelligence and Personalized Regulation Strategies


    Do you find your emotions hit you like tidal waves and knock you off balance for days, or sometimes weeks?

    Are you a sensitive person, with BIG feelings, and perhaps have developed some less-than-healthy ways of dealing with them over the years?

    Do you have an unfriendly relationship with your emotions? Maybe you wish them away, block them out, or stuff them down…

    This journey is a deep dive into your emotions. By the end of it, you will understand your unique emotional ocean on a much deeper level. You will become more emotionally literate at accurately labeling your emotions and describing the sensations that come with them. You will learn skills to digest and process big emotions, and you will learn to treat emotions for what they are: messengers. When you finish, you will have a new awareness and personalized coping skills for regulating your unique emotional waves.

    This online program is experiential (it’s about active, hands-on learning), reflective (inward-focused on your own personal patterns), and relational (it’s about connecting to other people who are struggling, learning, and growing alongside you). My goal is that all my programs balance psychoeducation (yes, I do use slideshows), engaging activities, and open discussion. I hope each course is as unique as the group who takes part in it!

    This is a 4-week, online group program, with each weekly gathering lasting 1.5 hours. 

    There is a maximum of 12 people per group (plus the facilitator).

    The cost of the program is $150(+HST) per person. If you have insurance for psychotherapy, this program may be covered. It is up to you to check with your company and see what your coverage might look like.

    Here’s a breakdown of the flow of this course…

     Week 1: A Better Understanding of Emotions

    The Science of Emotions

    Building our Vocabulary for Emotional Experience

    Reframing our Ideas of Good and Bad Emotions

    Week 2: Self-Awareness

                Tracking your Emotions

                Identifying and Shifting Automatic Responses

                Locating our Calm Centre

                Distress Tolerance

    Week 3: Moving Past Stuckness





    Week 4: Feeling Good without Grasping

                Your Barriers to Pleasure

                Stretching into Pleasure

                The Art of Letting Go


    For more questions about the program, the next upcoming schedule, or to register…

    Please contact Rachel at: [email protected]