• Tarot for Self-Discovery

    Tarot for Self-Discovery: 

    Archetypal Inner Work Guided by the Major Arcana

    These online gatherings will happen once per month and will focus on the lessons and reflections prompted by a tarot card. 

    Tarot is an excellent tool for self-discovery, self-awareness and inner healing and teaches us to listen to our intuition. Each gathering will use group discussion and therapist-led activities to deepen the lessons of the card and create action-plans to put those lessons to work in our daily lives.

    What is Archetypal Inner Work?

    I blend the understandings of IFS and Jungian approaches to create activities that turn inward and reflect on our personal qualities (those that we currently have, those that we wish to shed, and those that we wish to welcome into our life) and how we can activate (or deactivate) these parts of ourself to help us achieve our goals and dreams.

    Archetypes are collective symbols, but the way they come alive inside each of us will be unique to us as individuals. For example, The Fool probably brings up an image of a trickster, joking her way through life always making light of serious situations. But archetypal inner work with the Fool Archetype will mean something entirely different for different people. Sarah may want to bring more of this playful energy into her life, whereas Bob wants to transform the Fool into something more artful, and Amina thinks her Fool is overactive and needs to quiet down.

    Using Tarot as a tool for archetypal work is powerful because it allows us to zoom in on one aspect of our psyche at a time. To observe ourselves how we are and to dream of new ways of being in the world. It often opens the door to discovering strengths about ourselves that we were not previously aware of, as well as shining a light on some of the weaknesses that we try to hide from the world.

    This online gathering is experiential (it’s about active, hands-on learning), reflective (inward-focused on your own personal patterns), and relational (it’s about connecting to other people who are struggling, learning, and growing alongside you). My goal is that all my programs balance psychoeducation (yes, I do use slideshows), engaging activities, and open discussion. I hope each course is as unique as the group who takes part in it!

    This program runs all year, with each monthly gathering lasting 1.5 hours.

    There are two options for registering your spot:

    Option 1: Single Payment= $50(+HST) for ONE Gathering

    Option 2: Package Payment= $150(+HST) for FOUR (Consecutive) Gatherings

    There is a maximum of 12 people per gathering (plus the facilitator) and registration is first come, first served. Once the maximum number of group participants is reached, there will be no further seats available.

    If you have insurance for psychotherapy, this program may be covered. It is up to you to check with your company and see what your coverage might look like.

    For more questions about the program, the next upcoming schedule, or to register…

    Please contact Rachel at: [email protected]