• Journey into your Nervous System!

    Your Unique Nervous System: 

    Understand, Befriend and Partner with Your Biology to Reduce the Power of Unconscious Triggers and Find Balance amid the Stress of Daily Life

    Does the stress of life have you totally burnt out and lacking the lust for life that you remember feeling long ago?

    Do you find yourself chronically stuck in the stress states of fight, flight and freeze?

    Do you get triggered into reactive patterns without understanding what got you upset in the first place?

    In this group program, you will learn about the biology and science behind the bodily systems that play a huge role in regulating your stress responses. You will learn and practice regulating strategies to help pull your body and mind into balance. You will get to know your own nervous system (how it works and how it communicates with you), so that you can better observe and learn to reprogram its less comfortable patterns. You will also find ways to connect with small joys and pleasures, as well as strategies to reduce stress states so that your resiliency for stress will increase and you can start feeling healthier and more regulated.

    This online program is experiential (it’s about active, hands-on learning), reflective (inward-focused on your own personal patterns), and relational (it’s about connecting to other people who are struggling, learning, and growing alongside you). My goal is that all my programs balance psychoeducation (yes, I do use slideshows), engaging activities, and open discussion. I hope each course is as unique as the group who takes part in it!

    This is a 4-week, online group program, with each weekly gathering lasting 1.5 hours. 

    There is a maximum of 12 people per group (plus the facilitator).

    The cost of the program is $150(+HST) per person. 

    If you have insurance for psychotherapy, this program may be covered. It is up to you to check with your company and see what your coverage might look like.

    Here’s a breakdown of the flow of this course…

    Week 1: Understanding the Science Within You

    What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

    What is Polyvagal Theory?

    What’s the Point of Befriending my Nervous System?

    Week 2: Getting to Know Your Unique Nervous System

                Meeting Your Ice-State

                Meeting Your Steam-State

                Meeting your Liquid-State

    Pulling it all Together

    Week 3: Dropping Anchors and Weathering Storms

                Knowing your Anchors

    Learning the Magic of State-Shifting

    Working with the Vagus Nerve

    Week 4: Befriending your Patterns and Committing to Growth


    Addressing Problematic Patterns

    Glimmers and Glows

    For more questions about the program, the next upcoming schedule, or to register…

    Please contact Rachel at: [email protected]