A Curated List of Guided Meditations.

Meditation is not easy for everyone. With most new practises, it is best to start with a guide.

The list below offers you links to some guided meditations that I found helpful when I started my own meditation practise. I hope it can support your journey!

Learning to Quiet the Mind

Letting Thought Clouds Come and Go with Tara Brach (22 minutes)

Resting in a Sea of Presence with Tara Brach (21 minutes)

Silence, Presence and Care with Tara Brach (20 minutes)

Being Present by Sara Raymond (20 minutes)

Healing Breathwork by Ethereal Meditations (16 minutes)


Opening and Calming with Tara Brach (13 minutes)

Sleep and Relaxation with Tara Brach (15 minutes)

Deep Relaxation by Great Meditation (10 minutes)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Relax for a While (15 minutes)

Self-Soothing by Tamara Levitt (10 minutes)


The RAIN of Self Compassion with Tara Brach (11 minutes)

Awakening Self-Compassion with Tara Brach (30 minutes)

Developing Self Compassion with Tara Brach (17 minutes)

Healing Shame with Tara Brach (13 minutes)

Tend and Befriend with Tara Brach (13 minutes)

Radical Acceptance

Loving What Is with Tara Brach (20 minutes)

Letting Go and Letting Be with Tara Brach (16 minutes)

Radical Acceptance Meditation with Andrew Ellis Counselling (9 minutes)

Radical Acceptance for Times of Distress by Dr E (3.5 minutes)

Acceptance and Letting Go by MindfulPeace (13 minutes)

Release Anger and Resentment by ZenLifeRelax (13 minutes)


You are Life Itself by Mooji (16 minutes)

Self Love and Self Worth by MindfulPeace (12 minutes)

Self Love by Michelle Chalfant (5 minutes)

Deep Love and Self Acceptance by Rising Higher Meditation (30 minutes)

IFS Parts Work

Listening to Your Inner World by The Inner Work Hub (16 minutes)

Loving Kindness for Parts by The Inner Work Hub (15 minutes)

Being in Self by Aion Farvahar (25 minutes)

The Path Exercise by Richard Schwartz (36 minutes)

Body Awareness

Body Scan by Arianna Opper (15 minutes)

Inner Body Awareness by Kim Eng (8 minutes)

Reconnecting with the Body with Eckhart Tolle (7 minutes)

Listen to the Messages of your Body by Dr. Friedemann (24 minutes)

Connecting Body, Mind and Emotions

Somatic Listening to Process Emotions by HarmonyWithin (30 minutes)

Connecting with the Felt Sense by Marie Connors (16 minutes)

Grounding and Centering by Arianna Opper (10 minutes)

Body, Space and Awareness by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (15 minutes)

Mind-Body Connection by Deepak Chopra (9 minutes)

Walking Meditations

Walking Nature Meditation by Declutter the Mind (10 minutes)

Walking Mindfulness Meditation by Kernal of Wisdom (30 minutes)