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    Your Path to Emotional Regulation

    This journey is a 4-week deep-dive into your emotions. By the end of it, you will understand your unique emotional ocean on a much deeper level. You will become more emotionally literate at accurately labeling your emotions and describing the sensations that come with them. You will learn skills to digest and process big emotions, and you will learn to treat emotions for what they are: messengers. When you finish, you will have a new awareness and personalized coping skills for regulating your unique emotional waves.

    Journey into your Nervous System

    In this 4-week group program, you will learn about the biology and science behind the bodily systems that play a huge role in regulating your stress responses. You will learn and practice regulating strategies to help pull your body and mind into balance. You will get to know your own nervous system (how it works and how it communicates with you) so that you can better observe and learn to reprogram its less comfortable patterns. You will also find ways to connect with small joys and pleasures, as well as strategies to reduce stress states so that your resiliency for stress will increase and you can start feeling healthier and more regulated.

    Tarot for Self-Growth

    These online gatherings will happen once per month and will focus on the lessons and reflections prompted by a tarot card. Tarot is an excellent tool for self-discovery, self-awareness and inner healing and teaches us to listen to our intuition. Each gathering will use group discussion and therapist-led activities to deepen the lessons of the card and create action-plans to put those lessons to work in our daily lives.

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