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    Can I gift this app to someone else?

    Yes, absolutely! You will have to contact me by email and give me the details of the person you want to gift it to.

    They will need to download the app and create an account, then, you send me an e-transfer for the app cost, and indicate the email of the person you are gifting to (make sure it is the same email they use to register for the YourNature account), and I will make sure they have full access to the app ASAP.

    Voila! You’ve given the gift of mental health 🙂

    How do I make the most out of the Rituals?

    The ideal way to implement these rituals into your life is to read the ritual information at the start of the week, and to engage in that activity in spare moments (ie. while doing the dishes) or planned timeframes (ie. 5 minutes before I leave for work) depending on your style self-organization. To reap the full therapeutic benefits of these rituals, it will be important to reflect on your experience and insights as the week goes by, but especially at the end of the week, to consolidate your growth. The hope is that when a ritual feels right to you (after playing around with it for a week), you can continue to practise it. It is now your skill to use as a support you through your life.

    How do I access the Journeys?

    Journeys are an extra cost within the app. If you are already a YourNature Subscriber, you get these journeys for 75% off (that’s only $12.50). To access the Journeys as a member, you can find the link to the discounted price in the Members Only Block, within the Rituals Section (the second block in the Rituals). 

    If you are not a YourNature subscriber, you can still access the courses at regular price ($49.99). You will find the link to the checkout on the first page of the Journey that you are interested in.

    How is this app nature-based?

    It is my hope that you take these rituals, pathways, adventures and journeys outside, into nature, as this is the most conducive environment for your growth and will help you consolidate what you learn. It will compound your feelings of calm and rejuvenation as you create these new habits and patterns in your life.

    That being said, I understand that the demands and responsibilities of daily life can sometimes make a walk in the park a far off dream. So, reflect on what you need, and move forward your own way. If you feel you need to set time aside to get out into the wild. Do so! If you feel dead under the pressure of life this week, but you can get outside to the grass or beside a tree, then simply do that! If you are absolutely crushed under the weight of the week, sit yourself beside a houseplant, or even just imagine yourself out in nature as you do the activity.

    The YourNature App is about partnering with nature on your personal journey to health and wholeness. Know that YOU are nature too, sometimes you just need to tune into the body to get the restorative effects of the natural world. When nature feels inaccessible, find ways to bring this connection to the natural world into your everyday life, in a way that work for you. Remember, the best motivator is pleasure, not pressure. So, move forward into YourNature with self-compassion and find ways to get yourself excited about growth, rather than stressing about wellness goals.

    How much time do I need to commit to really see benefits from this app?

    Regardless of your specific hopes and goals, you are likely here because you want to bring more wellness into your life, and probably to diminish some distressing mental health symptoms. This is all you need to bring to this process, this vision for a healthier, happier life. Other than that, it is just small dedicated moments, fit throughout your week to check in with the app and play with the activities it offers you.

    There is no rigid time-scheduling. You need to make these processes work for you, your unique situation and your lifestyle. Pleasure is a much more powerful motivator than pressure, so go easy on yourself as you start to cultivate habits through YourNature. The activities within this app are all short, simple, playful exercises that prompt you to spend small pockets of your life focused on building self-awareness of your patterns, self-love to move you forward on your goals and self-leadership to hold yourself accountable to your potential in the world.

    What is the evidence behind this app?

    All three of these therapeutic modalities (nature-based therapy, somatic therapy and play therapy for adults) have a strong evidence base behind them. Look up any one of these topics in Google Scholar. If you are compelled, read articles that interest you. Self-lead investigation and research is a great footing to start any self-growth journey.

    Nature-based therapeutic techniques work because nature is a dynamic partner in our self-growth when we learn to communicate with her. Time with nature promotes, not only wellness as a whole, but calmness, clarity, better cognitive and physical functioning and even existential thinking, among many other evidenced benefits.

    Somatic therapeutic techniques work because the body holds a lot of wisdom for healing, and traps trauma memories within it that need to be released in order to move forward. The body is another great partner in our journey to mental health and wellness. It is an important piece to the puzzle that often goes overlooked in many therapeutic contexts.

    Playful therapeutic techniques work for adults because everyone learns better when they experience the flow-state, the experience of being totally immersed in something of interest. Play is a powerful tool for growth, but adults often forget how important play can be for development at any age, as they get lost in their responsibilities and the demands of everyday life.

    Who built the app?

    My name is Rachel Bennett. I am a psychotherapist in Canada with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, a diploma in Social Service Work and a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. 

    After writing my master’s thesis on how to build playful frameworks for adult mental health and wellness, I was motivated to turn what I learned into a practical solution for as many people as possible. I’m always looking for ways to improve this app, and to add new content, so if you have any feedback or ideas, please email me or leave feedback in the app. Your opinion is important to me!

    I am an adventurous spirit, usually immersed in some fantasy novel, psychology textbooks or exploring the beautiful, wild landscapes I inhabit in the Ottawa Valley. My goal is to bring proactive, playful and accessible solutions to today’s mental health crisis.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you purchased via an app store (google, or apple), you will have to go to your app store and cancel your subscritption there. 

    If you purchased through a discounted link, you can follow the links from your Profile (in the YourNature app), into Customer Support, and you will be directed to their email contact. Send passion.io an email indicating your wish to cancel (make sure to explain that you wish to unsubscribe to YourNature), and they will get back to you confirming your cancelled subscription.

    If you have any troubles with this process, email me at: [email protected] risingrooted.ca 

    If you are having technical issues with the app, please contact the technical team at:

    [email protected]

    If you have any questions about how to use, or make the most of YourNature, contact me at:

    [email protected]