• About YourNature

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    YourNature: bringing nature and the body into app-based wellness!

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    YourNature is a mental health and wellness app

    From a nature-based, somatic, and playful lens

    Under the framework of eco-existentialism and positive psychology

    Guiding you with psychoeducation, playful activities and self-reflection

    As you embark on your journey into your inner wild

    Fostering self-discovery, self-love and self-leadership


    Guilt-free, self-led, self-paced app for self-development, healing and wholing.

    Use pleasure, not pressure to cultivate habits of

    Mindfulness, Somatic Awareness, Self-Reflection, Meditation and Emotional Regulation

    Improve your relationship with yourself, with others and with the natural world.


    There are four types of content within this app…

    Rituals: short, simple, weekly activities to help you cultivate wellness habits like mindfulness, emotional regulation, somatic awareness, and self-reflection.

    Pathways: guided meditations that incorporate movement and imagination.

    Adventures: 5-10 day challenges into specific elements of self-development (ie. intuition, boundary setting, thinking patterns, etc.).

    Journeys: full-length courses that help you learn, practice, and reflect on certain topics of mental health and wellness.

    Those are your four routes to wellness within the YourNature app!

    The best part of YourNature is that it is living, always in motion! I am always working on new content that might touch or help some of you #InnerExplorers!

    I want you to be part of this growth too. So, please, voice your ideas in the forums on the app. YourNature is about self-directed evolution, and I promise to honour that by evolving and adapting this app to meet your needs and goals. 

    To check out the big screen version of this app, you can access the web-version here:



    If you would like to gift this app to someone else, send me an email and we can make that happen 🙂

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